Thursday, January 7, 2010

Bali gets Rp 8.7 trillion from state budget

Bali received Rp 8.7 trilllion (US$925 million) from the state budget for the 2010 fiscal year, Governor Made Mangku Pastika confirmed Thursday.

“We will disburse the fund to support economic activities that stimulate growth, create job opportunities and reduce poverty,” he said.

The governor elaborated that government officials’ salaries would amount to Rp 1.918 trillion; procurements of various goods (Rp 1.25 trillion); capital spending (Rp 1.14 trillion) and social aid (Rp 580.37 billion).

General Fund Allocation is set at Rp 3.54 trillion, while special allocation fund Rp 333.35 billion.

Pastika suggested that each of the government’s agencies pay serious attention to the fund’s allocation.

The governor said he would focus on seven sectors including health, education, agriculture, and environment.

“We will also improve infrastructure in many parts of the island, especially in the remote areas.”

Bali is enjoying a robust tourist industry. However, the industry benefits only some of the island’s eight regencies and muncipality such as Badung and Gianyar.

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